15th January 2020 Program At-A-Glance

Day 1

SYNAPSE – in a nutshell (Yeukuang HWU, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Honorary speech: Kurt WÜTRICH (ETH Zürich, Nobel laureate)

Press Conference – led by Adriano AGUZZI, Giorgio MARGARITONDO, NUS President (TBC)

Signature of MOUs:

(1) Coordinated imaging: synchrotron facilities in participating research institutions and government agencies will pledge to support the SYNAPSE initiative to map an entire human brain. This MOU formalizes the commitment of member facilities to allocate the required synchrotron resources to the realization of the initiative.

(2) High Performance Computing (HPC): This MOU formalizes the commitment of member nations to develop the HPC network required to process, store, mobilize and access brain imaging data generated by SYNAPSE. This officially initiates the development of international HPC within SYNAPSE.

Tea break and group photo taking (10:45am)

Honorary speech: Ada YONATH (Weizmann Institute, Nobel laureate)

Honorary speech: Adriano AGUZZI (Chairman of the SYNAPSE IAB)

Break for lunch (12:00pm)

Synchrotrons and Brain Imaging (Giorgio MARGARITONDO, EPFL, Switzerland)

Mapping Dynamic Connectomes (Ann-Shyn CHIANG, NTHU, Taiwan)

Primate brains and neuroscience (Chian-Ming LOW, NUS, Singapore)

TBD (Hiroki UEDA, RIKEN, Japan)

TBD (Mu-Ming POO or Xu ZHANG, IoN, China)

Tea Break (3:50pm)

The Singapore HPC landscape (Tin-Wee TAN, NSCC, Singapore)

Computation of the behavior repertoire from synapse network (Iksoo CHANG, DGIST, South Korea)

TBD (Kento SATO, RIKEN, Japan)

TBD (TBD, ANSTO, Australia)

Closing by SYNAPSE IAB Chair (Adriano Aguzzi, Univ. of Zürich, Switzerland)

Dinner Banquet/Social (7:00pm)